Crew leasing will solve challenges which airline management have to face in today's competitive market. It will help to achieve financial and operational objectives during periods of rapid industry change, by dramatically reducing training costs on new aircraft types, optimizing start-up, expanding operations and improving aircraft utilization during peak seasons.

Our Database of airline personnel, contains details of several thousands highly qualified cockpit and cabin crews, allowing us to have the necessary resources to constantly maintain the required staffing levels, throughout the entire contract term. Our database which contains currently over 30,000 applications is continuously updated to provide you with the most experienced professionals.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most experienced flight deck experts at a very competitive rate for short or long term contracts. These skilled airline professionals are available immediately with currency on all types of aircraft.

With over twelve years of experience in the recruitment field, our staff maintain the highest degree of quality control, when it comes to the supply of cockpit crews. Our policy is to thoroughly screen every applicant seeking employment with our firm.

A standard application form for employment is sent to each applicant along with authorization forms allowing us to complete a total background check on previous employment, local authorities and Local Civil Aviation, ensuring that every crew member's qualifications and experience meet or exceed your standards. We therefore ensure that the potential candidate recommended by our firm meets all expectations required by our clients.

Many surveys have demonstrated that "One of the principal causes of incidents and accidents in civil jet transport operations, is the lack of effective management, of available resources by the flight-deck crew". Complex problems of crew performance also comes from ignoring the fact that the behavior is a function off the interaction of personality and situational factors.

Cockpit resource management "CRM", is not taken lightly by our Company. We have learned over the years, that in order to have a safe crew, it is essential to have a crew working "together". Therefore our Company recommends primary applicants who have received CRM training.

World Airline Services will provide you with a lot more than just qualified crew members with a valid license. Our effective screening process will in fact assure our clients that they will be able to trust the cockpit crews recommended by our firm.

Upon completing the hiring and training process, a Project Manager is assigned as a direct liaison, between the contracted pilots and the flight department of the Airline to assist in the day to day operation.