Our Company can offer aircraft on an A.C.M.I basis (Aircraft, Flight Crews, Maintenance and Insurance), while the customer bears all other operating expenses, including fuel, landing fees, ATC fees if any, cargo, ground handling, and hotel accommodation for the crews.

The world's international airlines are generally high-cost carriers that focus principally on their passenger operations. To meet the increasing demand for air cargo transportation, much less expand their own market share, these airlines must either outsource additional cargo capacity or expand their fleet and add further high-cost labor resources and infrastructure. Our Company can provide a solution to this problem by providing the aircraft and crews to service these airlines, thereby giving the airlines additional cargo capacity without the financial burden of substantial equipment and personnel costs. With a strong sense of commitment, our Company focuses on its existing customer base and grows. In return, the airlines purchase reliable service from a company that acts as if it were part of the airlines' fleet.

Globalization of the world market, relaxation of international trade barriers and the search for cost-effective operations and low-cost labor has resulted in the transfer of manufacturing capabilities abroad, particularly to export-driven countries in the Pacific Rim, Middle-East, and Africa. The increasingly time-sensitive nature and shorter product life cycles, coupled with just-in-time inventory needs, and the advent of e-commerce, have resulted in the rising demand for on-time delivery, with air transport the means by which to meet this need.

Our Company has several key advantages which allow it to offer efficient and cost-effective outsourcing services to its customers on a profitable basis:

  • Long and short term contractual agreements guarantee monthly utilization levels at fixed hourly rates.
  • Contracts that provide for guaranteed revenue levels, eliminating cargo yield and load factor uncertainty
  • The Company focuses its resources on those areas where it can provide competitive cost advantages and outsource other services that can be provided by others at a lower cost.
  • Our A.C.M.I operation enables airlines to increase their cargo operations and market shares without having to invest in additional aircraft.

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